Why pork is forbidden in Islam?

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1. QS. Al-Baqarah (2): 173
: “He hath only forbidden you dead meat, blood, the flesh of swine, and animals (when slaughtered) called (name) besides Allah [108]. But whoever is forced (to eat) was he did not want it and not (also) exceeds the limit, then there is no sin on him. Allah is Forgiving, Merciful “.

2. QS. Al Ma’idah (5): 3
: “Forbidden to you (takes) carrion, blood, pork, (meat animals) are slaughtered in the name of other than Allah, the strangled, which was hit, which fell, headlong, and killed the wild animals, except that had you kill it, and ( forbidden to you) are slaughtered for idols. And (also forbidden) raffle fate with arrows, (raffle luck with the arrow) is wickedness. On the day iniorang unbelievers been desperate to (beat) religion, because it do not fear them and fear Me. This day have I perfected for you your religion, and had my Favour upon me, and have chosen for ridhai Islam as your religion. So whoever is forced by hunger accidentally sin, Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.
3. QS. Al-An `am (6): 145
: “Say:” Tiadalah I get in the revelation revealed to me, things that are forbidden for people who want to eat it, unless food was carrion, or blood flow or pork – because actually all that dirty – or an animal slaughtered in the name apart God. Whoever is forced, while he does not want it and not (also) exceeds the limit, then surely your Lord is Forgiving, Merciful. ”

4. QS. An Nahl (16): 115
: “He hath only forbidden upon you (takes) carrion, blood, pork and anything slaughtered by the name of other than Allah; but he who was forced to eat it by not persecute nor exceed the limit, then surely Allah is Forgiving, Merciful “.

Prophet Muhammad has also confirmed more mudharatnya pigs.

ABOUT PIG fact the field:

Pigs are animals that most squalid and dirty, Like to eat their own dung and carrion and feces was eaten. Really like being in a dirty place, do not like being in a clean and dry. Pig animal lazy and do not like to work (looking for food), not resistant to sunlight, is not agile, but eating greedy (rather eat and sleep), even the most gluttonous among other tame animals. If the added age, so more and more lazy and weak (not eager to pounce and defensively). Like a kind and not jealous. A.V. Nalbandov and N.V. Nalbandov (Book: Adaptive physiology on Mammals and birds). Pork consumers often complain about the odor in pork (according to scientific studies, it tsb. Caused by praeputium pigs are leaked, so the pig urine seeps into the meat). Thick pork back fat, pork fat has a back (backfat) is pretty thick. Consumers often choose pork fat back pork which is thin, because the thinner back fat, is considered the better the quality. The nature of pork back fat are susceptible to oxidative rancidity, so that the chemical structure is not suitable for consumption.

Pigs are animals that greed is unmatched in eating other animals. He ate all the food in front of him. If the stomach is full or the food had run out, he will vomit the contents of his stomach and eat again, to satisfy greed. He will not stop eating, even eat vomit. He ate all of which can be eaten in front of him. Consuming any dirt in front of him, whether human sewage, animal or plant, even eat their own dung, until there is nothing left to eat in front of him. Sometimes he urinated on stools and eat it if it were in front of him, then eat it back. He ate garbage and animal feces. Pigs are the only mammals that feed on the ground, eat it in large quantities and for a long time if left unchecked. People who eat pork skin will emit a bad odor. Modern scientific research in both Eastern & Western countries, namely China and Sweden, states:

Sherif Zahran, [13.09.16 22:21]
“Pork is a major cause of rectal and colon cancer”. The percentage of patients with this disease in countries whose people eat pigs, increased dramatically, especially in countries of Europe and America, as well as in Asian countries (such as China and India). While in Muslim countries, the percentage is very low, about 1/1000. Results of the study were published in 1986, the Annual World Conference on Tools Digestive Diseases, held in Sao Paulo. Pork contains many parasites, bacteria, viruses and even dangerous, so to say as Reservoir Diseases. Because of swine, avian influenza virus so virulent. Normal AI virus (strains H1N1 and H2N1) will not be transmitted directly to humans. AI virus died at 60 ºC warming more so when cooked until mendidih.Bila no pigs, the pigs in the body, can AI virus mutation and virulence levels could rise up to be H5N1. AI virus strain H5N1 can be transmitted to humans. This H5N1 virus in Hong Kong in 1968 attacked and killed 700,000 people (named the Hong Kong flu).

Pork is the meat that is very difficult to digest because it contains a lot of fat. Although soft and looks so tasty and delicious, but pork is difficult to digest. Supposing toxins, such as cholesterol! In addition, pork causes many diseases: hardening of the artery, increasing blood pressure, chest pain that gripped (angina pectoris), and inflammation of the joints.

Approximately of 2001 never happened American doctors succeeded in removing the worms growing in the brain of a woman, after some time suffered from health problems that he felt after eating the typical food of Mexico’s famous form of pork, hamburger (ham = pig, because originally, the hamburger is from pork). The woman insists that she felt tired (fatigue) for 3 weeks after eating pork. The worm eggs stick to the intestinal wall in the body of the woman, then moves along with blood circulation to the end, ie the brain. And when the worm that reaches the brain, it causes mild pain at first, until he died and could not get out of it. This causes dis-function very hard on the composition of the organs in the area surrounding the worm in the brain. Diseases “tapeworm” is a very dangerous disease that occurs through the consumption of pork. It develops in the intestine 12 fingers in the human body, and a few months it will become adult worms. Number of tapeworm can reach around “1000 tails with a length of between 4-10 meters”, and continue to live in the human body and pulled her eggs through bowel movements (bowel movements).

In an article that said: “That someone is behaving according to what he ate.” Seeing the show in one of the private TV, a professor of IPB (forgot his name) have examined the structure of pig DNA. Something surprising turns, the pig gene structure similar to the structure of human genes. So it can be said the pig gene = a human gene, so as we are eating human flesh (= cannibals), subhanallah. So there incorrectness of the article had said that if we eat the pig is not a pig character may not stick to us, not to us, it could be on our offspring! Allah knows best.

Prohibition Pig

Utilization of pigs is haraam, either on meat, fat, and other parts. Word of Allah in QS.5: 3 forbid the consumption of carrion, blood and pork. Likewise, his word in QS.6: 145 and QS.16.115, forbid the consumption of carrion, blood and pork. The arguments on some of these verses is clear texts, which confirmed the prohibition, among others consume pork. The Qur’an uses the word lakhma (meat) because most pigs are taking advantage of the meat. Moreover, in pork fat is always there.
Although the Qur’an uses the word lakhma, the prohibition of pork is not just flesh. But the whole body of pigs. This view is in accordance with the rules of usul fiqh: min dzikri’l-juz I wa iradati’l kulli. That is mentioned in part and contains the desired seluruhnya.Bahwa pork tapeworm (taenia solium), almost everyone already knew. It was not only the danger of swine eater. Lard contains cholesterol highest compared with other animal fats. Blood uric acid containing the highest. Uric acid is a substance yan if there is in the blood can cause various diseases in humans. It is common knowledge that at least 70 types of diseases that commonly diidap pigs and some of which can be transmitted humans who eat them.

Prohibition wisdom pork, especially the presence of tapeworm, often refuted by modern health experts. They say that the worms are easily removed even with the simplest cooking techniques. This view is seriously misleading because the pig itself repugnant to those who clean his soul. Allah forbid from the past for a long time so that people know. Humans now only know a little danger, namely tapeworms, however, long before that Allah has forbid it. Maybe now people think that modern cookware has made progress, so that there is an assumption that the pork is no longer a source of harm and not a threat to humans. With food processing technology and advanced heating technique, a danger that was to be eliminated.

They forget that in order to overcome any danger tapeworm has taken centuries. It was only to uncover one disease. Who can guarantee that the outside of the disease is no longer a danger inherent in pork. Is not that much more shari’ah should precede the advancement of human knowledge tens of centuries ago, we trust completely? All decisions left to the shari’ah. We justify what is allowed and avoid what is forbidden. This is the Shari’a of Allah, the All-Wise and All-Knowing the shape and characteristics of all His creatures.

Now with the advent of Japaneese case Enchephalitis (JE) in Malaysia, almost all eyes back open. One more disaster threaten humans arise and sourced from pigs. Apparently God is still dear to humans, so that human beings once again reminded to stay away from the unclean animals. It’s been a lot of evidence that shows the evil pigs. But so far people still desperate to eat

Lessons Forbidden Pigs In Islam

Lessons prohibition of pork by Sheikh Muhammad Fauzi Abu Zaid It is important to note, especially by our youth who often go to countries of Europe and America, which makes pork a staple food in their dish.

On this occasion, I sitir back the events that took place when Imam Muhammad Abduh visiting France. They asked him about the secret pig Prohibition in Islam. They asked the Imam, “You (Muslims) say that pigs unclean, because he eat garbage that contains tapeworm, microbes and other bacteria. It was now gone. Because pigs bred in modern farms, with guaranteed cleanliness and sterilization processes are sufficient. How is it that the pigs were infected with tapeworm or bacteria and other microbes.? ”

Imam Muhammad Abduh did not directly answer that question, and the ingenuity he asked them to bring the two roosters together with the hens, and two male pigs together with a female pig.

Knowing this, they asked, “What is all this?” He replied, “Fill what I pleaded, then I will show you a mystery.” They fulfill what he pleaded. Then he ordered the release of two roosters together with the hens in one cage. Both roosters were fighting and killing each other, to get the hen for himself, until one of them almost killed. He then ordered that both the chicken coop.

Then he ordered them to remove the two male pigs together with a female pig. This time they witnessed the oddity. Hog one help fellow males to exercise sexual intent, without jealousy, without pride or a desire to keep the sow from her friend.

Sherif Zahran, [13.09.16 22:21]
Then he said, “Gentlemen, pork kill ‘ghirah’ people who eat it. That’s what happened to you. A man of you guys see his wife with another man, and let him without jealousy, and a father of you see daughter shared stranger, and you let him without jealousy, and anxiety, because the pork was transmitting its properties in people who eat it. ”

Then he gave an excellent example in Islamic law. Namely Islam bans some types of livestock and poultry which roam all around us, who eat their own dung. Sharia ordered for people who want to slaughter chickens, ducks or geese that eat their own dung in order to lock him for three days, feeding him and pay attention to what is consumed by the animal. Until his belly clean of dirt that contains bacteria and microbes. Because the disease will be passed to humans, without being noticed and felt by people who eat it. That is the law of God, such as wisdom Allah.Ilmu that modern science has revealed many diseases are caused by consuming pork.
Most of them mentioned by Dr.Murad Hoffman, a German Muslim, in his book “Turbulence Thought: Diary of Muslims in Germany”, pages 130-131: “Eating pork that is infected with the worm pig is not only dangerous, but also can lead to increased content of cholesterol and slow down the breakdown of proteins in the body, resulting in the possibility of developing colon cancer, skin irritation, eczema and rheumatism. Did not we already know, influenza viruses are dangerous to live and thrive in the summer because the medium pig? ”

Dr. Abdul Khair Muhammad, in his book Ijtihâdât fi Tafsir al patients with this disease in countries whose people eat pigs, increased drastically. Especially in countries of Europe and America, as well as in Asian countries (such as China and India). While in Muslim countries, the percentage is very low, about 1/1000. Results of the study were published in 1986, the Annual World Conference on Tools Digestive Diseases, held in Sao Paulo. Now we know how great the wisdom of God forbids meat and lard. To be shared, not only the prohibition of pork, but also all foods processed with lard, like some kind of sweets and chocolate, also several types of bread topped doused with lard. In conclusion, all things that use animal fats should be taken before eating. We did not eat except after making sure that the food does not contain fat or lard, so we do not fall into disobedience to Allah, and are not exposed to the dangers behind Allah forbids meat and lard.

Reason prohibition of Pigs

1. Pork prohibited in the Koran
Koran prohibits the consumption of pork is not less than 4 different places. He was banned in the mail 2: 173, 5: 3, 6: 145 and 16: 115.

“Forbidden to you (takes) carrion, blood, pork, (meat animals) are slaughtered in the name of other than Allah,” [Qur’an 5: 3] verses of the Koran above sufficient to meet was to the Muslims why pork is forbidden.

2. Consumption of pork causes several diseases Other non-Muslims and atheists will agree only to be believed through reason, logic and science. Eating pork can cause no less than seventy different types of diseases. A person can have various helminthes (worms) such as roundworm, pinworm worm, hookworm, etc. One of the most dangerous is the Taenia Solium, which in human terms is called tapeworm. He lives in the intestine and is very long. progressed through the egg, into the bloodstream and can reach almost all organs of the body. If it enters the brain can cause memory loss. If you enter the heart can cause a heart attack, if it enters the eyes can cause blindness, if it enters the liver it can cause liver damage. This can damage nearly every organ of the body.

Another dangerous helminthes is Trichura Tichurasis. Common misconception about pork is that if it is cooked properly, her eggs will die. In a research study conducted in the United States, it has been found that twenty-four people suffer Trichura Tichurasis, twenty two had cooked pork very well. This suggests that the worm eggs cooked pork is not dead with normal temperature.
3. Lard containing materials for buildings. Pork has little muscle (fat) containing material for buildings and excess fat. This fat settles in the body and can cause hypertension and heart attack. It is not surprising that more than 50% of Americans suffer from hypertension.

4. The pig is one terjorok animals on earth. Pigs which is one terjorok animals on earth. He is alive and growing in animal waste, human waste and other impurities. This is the best way that I know that God created it. In rural communities do not have modern toilets and they defecate in the open air. Very often dirt they will be devoured by pigs.

Some people argue that in the developed countries like Australia, pigs kept very clean and hygienic. Even in these hygienic conditions the pigs in the same enclosure. No matter how hard you try to keep them clean, they traipse naturally. They eat and enjoy his own feces

5. Pigs are animals that most shameless. The pig is the most shameless animal on earth. It is the only animal that invites friends who have sex with their partner. In America, most people consume pork. Often after the dance, they exchanged wives; which many say “you sleep with my wife and I will be sleeping with your wife.” If you eat pigs then you behave like pigs. According to an article in a local magazine in India, the practice of wife swapping has become commonplace in the lives of Bombay.

Pig As Food

In the Koran, as animals, pigs law unclean if touched and forbidden to be eaten by Muslims. The pig is also forbidden to be consumed in Judaism and Seventh-day Adventist Church in Christian circles.

But pigs consumed a lot of Europeans and Chinese. Some ethnic groups other than the ethnic Chinese in Indonesia-Indonesia are generally also like to consume pork are ethnic Balinese, Batak and Manado. And in the Java language, pigs means’ wild boar.

Some examples of foods that contain pork:
• Roast pork red (sweet) typical Chinese
• Roast pork white (salt) typical Chinese
• Sekba (containing offal pork with gravy) typical Chinese (Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Tangerang)
• Kitoba (sliced pig’s head section that is processed by steaming. To enjoy it to be dipped in vinegar aren provided typical Chinese Bogor
• Sate typical Chinese pig: the same as beef satay in general but greater thrust and tastes sweet.
• Ngo Hiang / Go Hiong: chopped pork wrapped in bean curd skin thin. (Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung).
• Pig cin: oil + pork dish with a sauce that tastes sweet as sweet soy sauce.
• Bakut: typical Chinese dish is a blend of vegetable broth salt and pork ribs. (Can be found throughout Indonesia).
• Saksang: Processed pork typical of Tapanuli
• Pig rica-rica: Pork processed Manado typical that tastes very spicy.
• Pig bolsters: Processed pork Balinese
• Pork roll: Processed pork typical of Manado which is generally served during the celebration.

Dangers Pork
Pigs are animals that are very dirty because it usually takes everything that was given to him from the start carcasses, feces itself to human feces. Psychic pig has a lazy nature, do not like the sun, it is like eating and sleeping, having greed, and does not have the will and fighting spirit, even to defend himself though.
Physically pig saving a lot of germs. Pig is considered animal entirely unfit for consumption. Among the parasites that are as follows:

Worm Taenia Sollum

This parasitic larval form of the pork bubble-shaped or egg-shaped granules on pig intestines. If someone eat pork without cooking well, the walls of these bubbles will be digested by the human stomach. These events will hinder the development of the body and will form a tapeworm that can reach over 3 meters. This worm will be attached to the intestinal wall by sticking his head and absorb the elements of food in the stomach. It can cause a lack of blood and digestive disorders, because these worms can excrete toxins. If in a person, especially children, have been known to have these worms in the stomach then he will have hysteria or anxiety. Sometimes the larvae are present in the human intestinal tract is about to enter the blood circulation and continue to spread throughout the body, including the brain, heart, spinal cord, and lungs. In this condition can cause deadly diseases.

Spiralis worm Trichinia

These worms exist in pigs in the form of bubbles gently. If a person consumes pork meat without cooking it well, then bubbles this- -which contains the worm larvae can live in muscle and flesh, bulkhead between the lungs and the heart, and in other areas in the body. This worm attacks the muscles can cause tremendous pain and cause slow motion, plus it difficult to perform the activity. Moderate presence in the bulkhead will narrow the airways, which could end up with kematian.Bisa so, the worms of this type will not make a person dies in a short time. However, it is worth noting that the tiny worms that develop in the muscles of a person’s body after he was eating pork could certainly be settled there until the person dies.

Schistosoma worms japonicus

This is the worm more dangerous than the worm Schistosoma dilkenal in Egypt. And the pig is the only animal that contains this worm. This worm can infect humans when they touch or wash hands with water containing the worm larvae originating from pig manure. These worms can slip into the blood, lungs, and liver. These worms are growing very quickly, within a day could reach more than 20,000 eggs, and can burn the skin, stomach and liver. Sometimes also attacks the brain and spinal cord resulting in paralysis and death.

Fasciolepsis Buski

These parasites live in the small intestine pig in a long time. When there is a mixture between the intestines and feces, parasites will be in a certain shape that is a liquid that can move the disease in humans. Most of these parasite species are in the area of China and East Asia. These parasites can cause indigestion, diarrhea, and swelling in the whole body, and can cause death.


The length of this worm is about 25 cm. This worm can cause pneumonia, strep throat and stomach blockage. These worms can not be eradicated in the body, except by way of surgery.

Worms Anklestoma

This worm larvae enter the body by burning the skin when a person walks, bathe, or drinking contaminated water. This worm can cause diarrhea and bleeding in the stool, which can lead to blood deficiency, lack of protein in the body, swelling of the body, and causing a child to experience delays in physical and mental growth, a weak heart and can eventually cause death.

Calornorchis Sinensis

This type of worm that slipped and live in a pig liver bile, which is a major source of transmission of the disease in humans. These worms are found in China and East Asia, because the people there are regular maintenance and consume pork. This virus can cause swelling of the heart of man and jaundice accompanied by severe diarrhea, the body becomes thin and ends with death.

Paragonimus worms

These worms live in the lungs of pigs. This worm is widespread in China and Southeast Asia where many pigs reared and consumed. This worm can cause pneumonia. Until now have not found a way to kill worms in the lungs. But clearly these worms are not, except in place of live pigs. These parasites can cause chronic lung bleeding, where the patient will feel pain, spit brown rust, because of bleeding in both lungs.

Swine erysipelas

This parasite found in pig skin. This parasite is always ready for burning on the skin of humans who try to approach or interact with it. This parasite can cause inflammation of the human skin showed red color and body temperature tinggi.Sedang germs that exist in pigs can cause various diseases, such as tuberculosis, smallpox (Small pox), itching (scabies) and Germs Rusiformas N .In a variety of arguments, some people argue if modern equipment is far more advanced and able to tackle these worms so it is not dangerous anymore, because of the high heat generated by the tool. However, this knowledge still requires more in-depth study. Until now there has been no expert could ever ascertain properly the degree of heat used as a standard measure to kill the worms. Whereas according to the theory, the correct cooking meat is not too fast but not too long. Because if it is too fast feared parasites contained in meat could not die while if it is too long all of the nutritional content of meat will disappear, leaving only a toxic (poison). If it so who can guarantee that the pork is safe to eat?

It is true that in the cow’s body is also a worm. The worm was named T. saginata. But the pig itself is sometimes also become a nest of worms of this type. However, there are fundamental differences between worms found in cattle and worms that exist in pigs. Saginata that exist in pigs carry life processes in the human body whereas the existing saginata in cattle can only live in the cow and did not live in the human body, even if already entered the human body. The existence saginata in humans may be caused by the cooking process is not good in the pig’s body.

Besides, pork is the meat of the most difficult to digest, because the very high content of fat substances. The following table will explain the levels of fat found in pork and other animals:

Pork fat 91%, 56% fat Goat, Beef fat 35%
Pigs was 60%, being 29% Goats, Cows were 20%
Lean pork 29%, 14% lean goat, cow emaciated 6%

Moreover, if left in the open air, the first rotten meat is pork, followed by lamb chops and the last is beef. However, if the meat is cooked, the slowest cook is meat babi.Dari research results also can be concluded that the mutton and beef are in the stomach during digestion perfect 3 hours, while the pork could be in the stomach for 5 hours only to gain digestion perfect.If anyone asks: why pigs are created if it is not to be eaten?

We can answer: in the pig’s body there are things we can learn lessons and then we avoid as instinct we always say wherever possible to avoid the effect of the flu virus or other germs. But if he still insisted on a pig, then at least he should be able to prove that the meat is safe from the effects of parasites or high fat content. What he can do so while the experts just do not really dare to guarantee it?

Pork consumers often complain about the odor in pork.
Well, it turns out according to scientific research, it TSB. praeputium is because pigs are leaked, so the pig urine tsb.merembes to meat.

Pork backfat thickness.
1. Pigs have back fat (backfat) is pretty thick.
2. Consumers often choose pork fat back pork which is thin, because the thinner back fat, is considered the better the quality.
3. Nature of pork back fat are susceptible to oxidative rancidity, SHG. in chemical structure is not suitable for consumption.

Facts that make a person must be away from pig
1. The pig is the animal that is unmatched greed in eating other animals. He ate all the food in front of him.
2. If the stomach is full or the food had run out, he will vomit the contents of his stomach and eat again, to satisfy greed. He will not stop eating, even eat vomit.
3. He takes all of which can be eaten in front of him. Consuming any dirt in front of him, whether human sewage, animal or plant, even eat their own dung, until there is nothing left to eat in front of him.

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